Who’s this?

ChamZine and Chamonix Sketchbook Project are run by Lindsey Dolan, an American artist and photographer who has lived in the valley for about three years.  

What is a zine?

A zine is an independently published booklet of original content, which is usually photocopied, folded and stapled. A fan zine is a non-official publication produced by enthusiasts of a cultural phenomenon to share with others who have similar interests. Zines have served as a significant form of communication in subcultures. The main intent of a zine is to develop an identity, share niche art and skills, and develop stories. Culturally, zines have provided physical evidence of communities that otherwise have very little documentation. 

Why ChamZine ?

I started this project as an attempt to discover and capture the unique identity of Chamonix. By crowd sourcing material within our community, hopefully we will find a collective voice exclusive to the valley, as well as find a way to relate and work together as a whole.

ChamZine Community Projects and Crowdsourcing Material:

1.) Chamonix Sketchbook Project Winter/Spring 2020: As seen in Chamonix. 

Originally started with the intention of having a joint community gallery showing, the first round of Chamonix Sketchbook Project was thrown a curveball due to COVID-19 shutdowns. Due to viral outbreak, a joint party  is momentarily illegal. Multiple people individually handling the same booklet is also ill advised. I had to be flexible with the goals of this project, and instead of a physical gallery I created one online. 

Although it complicated matters in terms of distributing sketchbooks, recovering sketchbooks, recruiting help and getting the word out, the national lockdown increased the need of community and for some- occupation. What better way to raise each others spirits than to do a town art project? 

Participants collected a blank sketchbook of dessin paper containing 8-16 pages, and were told to fill it with any medium or idea loosely revolving around a theme. 

What happens next?

For the interim of the lockdown and as I collect all the sketchbooks the imaginary dogs ate, ChamZine will host an essay contest. After all submissions are in, we will create collective Zines with submissions. 

I just found out about this. Can I still participate?

YES. Follow Chamonix Sketchbook Project and fill out a Contact form.